The Advantages Of Patients Forms For HIPAA Compliance

If you are a healthcare provider, you instinctively understand the importance and value of protecting patients’ data. HIPAA compliance demands it, but it is also critical for maintaining the confidentiality of the people you serve.

However, achieving HIPAA compliance across your organization’s total data surface is challenging. Multiple vulnerabilities and points of potential weakness can derail your efforts to act with the law.

Fortunately, advanced patient form software can help you abide by the rules by enabling more secure collection, storage, and transmission of sensitive patient data.


Reduce The Risk Of Human Error

Human error can lead to significant mistakes that violate HIPAA compliance. Paper forms are liable to become lost, stolen, or damaged by staff, patients, or other stakeholders.

Patient form software prevents this by making all forms electronic. Patients enter data through secure online portals, reducing the risk of data loss, security breaches, and theft, ensuring HIPAA compliance.


Streamline Organizational Workflow

Economists estimate the efficiency costs of the U.S. healthcare system to be equivalent to 3 to 5 percent of gross domestic product. Consequently, many clinics struggle with efficiency and quickly blow through budgets, preventing them from providing maximum value to patients.

Again, patient forms software offers a partial solution. Clinics, doctors’ offices, and hospitals can streamline workflows and save time using digital forms to reduce administrative burdens. The software enables more straightforward and manageable form signing, creation, and filing.


Improved Patient Satisfaction

According to the NIH, patient satisfaction scores range from 33.5 to 98.5 percent, depending on the institution. Hence, there is significant scope for many healthcare providers to improve service quality.

Again, advanced patient form software can help. It gives patients a convenient way to submit information online before their appointment, saving them from having to perform any paperwork when they arrive in person. It also enables providers to transfer details to relevant practitioners efficiently, smoothing out referrals.


Integrate Forms With Patients Electronic Health Records

Data from published studies suggests that the median physician spends between 3.5 and 6 hours daily completing electronic health records (EHR). The process is time-consuming and inelegant, particularly when it relies on laborious manual data entry.

Again, patient forms solutions can prevent this lost time. Integrations with EHR solutions and other applications enable providers to share patient information immediately and prevent unnecessary and time-wasting data duplication. Once patients fill out forms, the software instantly routes the new information to their files.


Choosing Patient Forms For HIPAA Compliance

Patient Form by Smile Nexus is a patient form builder that makes it easy to construct forms. It comes with a drag-and-drop interface, a user-friendly dashboard, and endless customizations for your clinic or hospital. Critically, you get comprehensive security, enabling you to stay HIPAA-compliant at all times. Start your free trial today.